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GNU-Darwin: Action

by Michael L. Love Ph.D

Many of you will be surprised to see my profile at Amazon:

After a very long boycott over some patent issues, I perceived that Amazon was not acting like a patent vulture, and I decide that I may be able to exert more influence as a customer. For example, I have consistently rated down Apple products and the Amazon Kindle, and I will continue to do so until they fix the problems that our community wants fixed.

Amazon has a very formidable presence on the web, and their front and back end are chock full of useful tools, so that I want to recommend this strategy of activism to our subscribers.

As a plus, you can learn a little more about the GNU-Darwin founder, and even look at my shopping list ;-}.

I am very well aware of the controversy that Amazon represents in our community, and so I am eager to hear any comments or suggestions about this action. Otherwise, please do feel free to throw in with similar activities. It is for the best in my opinion.


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