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Michael L. Love Ph.D

Mon Mar 6 19:46:03 EST 2006

This below is under Construction!

In the interim, here are some auto-biographical links.
Real deja vu
A Personal Statement
Why proclus?

The third year report for GNU-Darwin should be considered as auto-biographical to a large extent as well.

Need intro

scour journals for some early material that has not yet been published

Pre-celestrials share many characteristics by which they are suited to the task. A good summary of these characteristics were enumerated by the Mutant RM's.

shared interests, outlook, reading, experiences, and stories.

Another good summary of the traits is found in the Radical Mormon FAQ.

For me, my entry point into pre-celestriality was my discovery (need date) of the book Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson (RAW). Dr. Wilson's viewpoint diverges from mainstream mormonism on many points, but because of this he inavertently documents so many of the parallels from cutting-edge science, fringe society, occult organisations, to mormonism. That such parallels exist should be no surprise, since mormonism must ultimately encompass all truth. In fact, we are repeatedly encouraged to seek out the best knowledge from diverse sources in order to be the best mormons that we can be.

The particulars that I found most interesting in RAW's writings were...

Dr. Love is a biochemist and staff scientist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine protein crystallography lab. As founder of The GNU-Darwin Distribution, he is attempting to advance free software for the benefit of the user community at large.

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If you have comments or suggestions, email me at Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin link block

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