Subject: Re: [GNU-Darwin-ports] Can blender(3d software) running on iphone?

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 13:19:16 -0500 (EST)

      To: a qi <>

>> I agree that it would be cool to have blender on the iphone, but this >> device is currently under boycott by the distribution, due to the >> restrictive nature of the iphone platform.

Another example of this onerous and dictatorial behavior on the part of Apple with regard to the iPhone arrived just today. It is just one in a long string of outrages.

Apple Bans Jailbreakers From the App Store

A related outrage is the fact that Apple exercises this dictatorial power over what software can even be in the App store, and there are numerous examples of software that was wrongly removed from the store due to Apple's caprice. This store is the only way to get software onto the iPhone for many users. We do not support the use of this device, which so egregiously restricts the freedom of its users. We do not develop software for such devices.