The stupid war against terrorism:
This is the stupidest war that I have ever seen.

Michael L. Love Ph.D
01/29/06 02:39 PM

US aggression against so-called terrorists has led predictably to bad results, and we should take all necessary action to stop the war now: It is a stupid, stupid war.

The state of the nation is appalling, but US power is clustered primarily around the centers of wealth (military might, and oil resources) in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and the situation is only getting worse. This result is not surprising since the premise of the war was flawed to begin with, and the execution of the war has devolved over the course of the past three years, so that the US is stuck in a sink hole, as it were. We must find a way to end this ridiculous war against terrorism and get the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan now. Stop the war now!

The leader of the US is clearly slow of mind, and the claims in support of the war are dubious at best. The resources that are being spent in the pursuit of al-Qaida are largely wasted because they are probably dead. Most of them died on 9/11 on the airplanes, and no terrorism has been reported since that time. Why are the resources of the US being wasted on this demented pursuit?

A simple review of the our history in Iraq will show the idiocy of our leaders. Despite this fact, that all known terrorists died in airplanes on 9/11, we subjected Iraq to repeated bombings, laid waste to their national infrastructure, starved their children with sanctions, and poisoned their environment with depleted uranium, among other egregious things. Then, after using the UN to emasculate their military, we took our exit from international chambers and viciously preempted, an invasion with an aim to throw down a sitting head of state, conquer cities, ports, and oil fields. We cruelly deprived the people of Iraq of their self-determination, lives, and wealth. After all of this depraved behavior on the part of the US, we expect the people of Iraq to welcome us as "liberators", and lay themselves low before our military power. How can we possibly be such imbeciles!

Clearly, the US has fully lost credibility as the protector of any values or virtues in the world; We should disavow the actions of the nation, end the current administration, and bring the troops home expeditiously. In the execution of this war the US appears as the equivalent of perdition's son and a whited sepulchre, vacuously quoting scripture as they kill proudly. They are full of bloodthirsty torture and murders in the dark; attacking their supposed enemies before they even become a credible threat. Given such a history I fear that the US is past redemption, so that no one should be judged for wishing to dissaciate themselves from the nation and their actions. It had such better potential than this.

Saddam was certainly a bad governor and evil person, but for purposes of US global domination, he was also established, propped up, and deliberately genocide-enabled by the US. When he lost favor with the oilygarchy, it was taken it out on the people of Iraq, in a US instigated downward spiral of misery. Before US intervention, Iraq was a secular modern state and friends of the US, not terrorists. Terrorism was no justification for the war, and in fact the war itself was a very act of terrorism. The US has become what we loathe.

At the outset of the war Mr Bush was a weak president, unsupported by a democratic majority, yet he presumed to lead the US into an unpopular war against the wishes of our closest friends. One might expect him to learn the lessons of history and know better, but instead we are subjected to more and more lies from his weak-minded, frenetic, and untrustworthy administration. He has propped up his power with egregious violations of our constitutional principles, such as the Patriot Act, FISA court violations, secret detentions, deportions, tortures, and killings.

This inane government will certainly retort that, "We are killing the terrorists", and if that were true, then it would destroy this argument. I say, "Show me the terrorists, Mr Bush, if you have killed so many". You have not produced a single one since 9/11. Your failure to combat the real problem is exasperating! Senseless.

It is our duty to express our opposition by taking action against this outrageous, evil, and stupid war. For example, we could plan an anti-war moratorium; a national strike, a stay home against the war protest. Many people are boycotting US corporations or attacking centers of wealth in the US. Practice austerity and boycott food products, technology products, computers, and pharmacuticals especially. Use the web and your prescriptions to get generic medicines abroad. Use free software instead of Microsoft. Sell your car, and buy a bicycle. Use public transportation, and send the money that you save to your favorite organization resisting the war. If you feel strongly against the war, then you should do something about it now, even if the impact is low, because it adds to what others are doing. All of these actions will let people know that it is important to stop the war. It is a statement and demonstration against the war, and if we all do it together, then we can stop the madness of the US and Bush administration. This type of activism works.

Use the "Resist War!" banner on your websites to spread the word against the war. Turn your websites black in protest, and link your sites together, and with ours. If we were joined by many other websites, then it could possibly have a major impact, and turn back from this egregious situation. Hundreds of millions of people now agree that the war is wrong, and that it should be ended. If everyone does everything that we can, then the situation will become even more intolerable, and the US will withdraw.

The truth is that the people of Iraq are defending their homeland against an un-provoked act of aggression. The US has killed many of their brave fighters, but they continue to fight. In their desolation, there are many Iraqis remaining who have welcomed us into their cities, but given our abysmal performance, even such subjugation is seriously in doubt. Despite this abhorrent situation, the war continues, and it is madness to think that the continued presence of the US contributes anything positive to the situation. It is in no way possible that the presence of such a desolator can offer any betterment to the people of Iraq. Still I am advocating for enforced reparations to be paid by the US to Iraq and Afghanistan after withdrawl. The dubious leaders of the US are misusing their armed forces in an egregious way. Bring the troops home now before they are ordered to commit any more barbarities. This will have the added benefit of sparing the people of Iraq any further misery at the hand of the US nation. US out! End the conquest and occupation of Iraq now!

Dr. Love is a staff scientist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine protein crystallography lab. As founder of The GNU-Darwin Distribution, he is attempting to advance free software for the benefit of the user community at large.

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